It was the 4th of July 1971 when a women was drunk driving and was being chased by Suffolk County Police. The woman ran a red light crashing into the Giannino's family car killing Joe's dad and his eleven year old sister, and putting Joe in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. The woman was 19 years old and back then in 1971 there was no drunk driving laws and all she had to do was pull over and get a speeding ticket and none of this would of happened to Joe's family. Growing up in a wheelchair in the 70's was very tough for Joe but who wants to grow up in a wheelchair at anytime of there live's?

Joe did not received a settlement of cash from the crash and his family struggled to get Joe the medical equipment he needed to survive back then. When someone sustains a Spinal Cord Injury their life changes forever in many ways. For example: When you come home your house is not handicap accessible. Your whole house needs to be changed to suit your needs of your wheelchair. Ramps need to be put in, doorways must be 3 foot. wide, Bathroom needs to be modified.

Who pays for that? Not Medicare Or Medicaid that's for sure, and back in the 70's there was nobody to help the Giannino family. As Joe grew up he wanted to make sure that no child would ever have to go through what he did and decided when he was old enough that he wanted to make a difference in other peoples life who had suffered a Spinal Cord Injury.

Joe Started The Spinal Cord Foundation which raises money to help all those who suffer with paralysis and are confined to a wheelchair. The charity is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization so all donations are tax deductible. Joe feels that its tough for anyone to be paralyzed in a wheelchair for life at any age, however Joe feels that is worse for someone to be a child that has to grow up in a wheelchair and Joe likes counsel those who have been paralyzed at a young age to help them through there tough times.

Joe is currently 43 years old and has been paralyzed in a wheelchair for 38 years. He was born October 5th 1966 and His father Salvatore Louis Giannino and his Mother Mattea Giannino are both deceased. Joe had 4 brothers and two sisters. His one sister died in the crash as mentioned and one of Joe's brothers Robert Giannino passed away a couple of years ago.

Joe's mission is to educate the public on what life is like in a wheelchair and to raise as much money as he can through his charity to help others that truly need it. He is asking all that read his bio do please make a donation to his cause.

Thank You!